Wednesday, February 20, 2013

UK - IoD poll argues for faster broadband speeds to increase productivity of British businesses

The Institute of Directors (IoD) has conducted a poll of 1,147 members on business satisfaction with fixed-line and mobile internet services, and the urban/rural divide in connectivity (see press release).

  • Internet speed
    • 57% of IoD members are satisfied with fixed-line download speeds for the business, and 50% with fixed-line upload speeds
    • 25% of IoD members are satisfied with mobile internet download speeds, compared to 45% who are dissatisfied
  • Urban/Rural Divide - Satisfaction rates are significantly lower for IoD members doing business in rural areas:
    • Only 34% of members in rural areas are satisfied with the speed of their fixed-line downloads, while 45% are dissatisfied
    • A mere 13% of rural business leaders are satisfied with mobile download speeds, while 60% are dissatisfied 21% of IoD members in rural areas are satisfied with the reliability of their mobile internet service, compared to 46% who are dissatisfied
  • Economic benefits of faster internet speeds - The polling clearly shows the economic benefits brought by faster internet connections. Significantly increasing internet speeds would:
    • Improve the productivity of 83% of IoD members
    • Encourage 56% to offer more flexible working opportunities
    • Encourage 31% to invest more in their business
    • Encourage 13% to hire more staff

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