Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Scotland - Achieving world-class digital infrastructure - consultants report on Australia, Ireland, South Korea, Lithuania and Sweden

The Salmond Administration has launched a Digital Dialogue:
We are seeking input and views from businesses and organisations across the country.
It has published a report on Achieving World-Class digital infrastructure by Broadband Access Strategies of Devon and Kas Kalba of Connecticut:
The Scottish Government has committed to developing and delivering world-class digital infrastructure across Scotland by 2020.

This report explores the possibilities for World Class infrastructure and imagines a panorama of potential applications and services. The objective is to stimulate debate about World Class in 2020 utilising research and case studies from other leading countries, and while this study provides a set of recommendations it is not meant to provide all the answers.

Five case studies were chosen – Australia, Ireland, South Korea, Lithuania and Sweden – on the basis of their visions and achievements with respect to digital infrastructure and the digital society, and the lessons they can provide for what Scotland should consider or avoid going forward.

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