Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Scotland - Govt published strategy for digital by default delivery of public services

The Salmond Administration has published Scotland’s Digital Future: Delivery of Public Services, Central Government Strategy "for delivering digital public services in Scotland" for the ten years to 2022.
  • Digitally enabled online public services based on the needs of citizens
  • Digital public services which are easily accessible and well supported
  • Digital public services that are cost effective, streamlined and efficient
  • IT systems and platforms that are agile and adaptable in response to changing organisational, business and customer needs
Accountability is to be achieved by:
  • Governance is delivered through the Strategic Corporate Services Board (SCSB), aligned to the Digital Public Services Board, and follows the frameworks outlined in the national strategy;
  • The Information Systems Investment Board (ISIB) will advise the SCSB on relevant ICT investment decisions across central government providing assurance where appropriate and recommending further action and challenge when required;
  • Project and Programme Boards will be created to support and deliver on the outcomes of the sectoral action plan and provide assurance to the SCSB; and
  • Central government organisations’ own Boards will ensure that delivery of outcomes from the sectoral action plan are embedded in their own governance arrangements.

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