Wednesday, February 20, 2013

UK - 4G will cause some interference for TV signals, but support is available for consumers

The Daily Telegraph reports concerns about interference to television signals from 4G mobile signals.
Up to 2.3 million homes are expected to be affected by significant levels of TV interference when the new 4G spectrum is switched on later this year. Some 40,000 could lose their TV signal altogether amid confusion and a lack of preparation for the big switch-on which is beginning to alarm ministers and senior Whitehall officials.

To prevent the interference, and to carry on watching TV normally, householders will have to book a call from engineer who will install a filter free of charge.

For additional sets a fee of £5 per filter will be charged to block out the 4G signals.

The issue is being handled for the UK Government by Digital Mobile Spectrum Limited (DMSL), provided with a budget of £180 million from mobile phone operators.

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