Monday, February 4, 2013

Scottish Government - Infrastructure Investment Plan (IIP) with £65 million funding for broadband

The BBC reported that the Scottish ministers had announced details of spending plans on infrastructure:
This set out capital spending projects in housing, health, education and transport - including A9 and A96 dualling [sic] and next generation broadband.

Opposition parties have branded the plans a "wish list".

Miss Sturgeon (Deputy First Minister) said:
In this financial year we are supporting capital investment of £3.1bn - that's estimated to be supporting around 40,000 jobs across the economy.
The Scottish Govt press release gave some details.

The November 2011 infrastructure investment plan (IIP) has been updated with a range of new documents.

The progress report restated the digital infrastructure action plan:

  • Step Change 2015 – to deliver a next generation digital infrastructure for between 85-90 per cent of premises across Scotland and the best possible uplift in speeds for the remaining 10-15 per cent.
  • World-Class 2020 – to establish a world class digital infrastructure in Scotland that builds upon the platform provided by Step Change 2015, through a sustainable partnership with industry.
  • Demonstrating Digital – to deliver a series of practical infrastructure projects in both urban and rural areas.
  • Choose Digital First - to raise demand for next generation broadband services thereby helping to improve the commercial case for investment in next generation infrastructure.
The Community Broadband (CBS)programme has been assigned £5 million over three years.

The Next Generation Broadband Action Plan has a total of £240 million presently committed:

  • £100 million from UK Government (through BDUK)
  • £60 million from Scottish Government
  • £40 million from local government consequentials (i.e. UK Govt)
  • £20 million EU funding and
  • £20 million from local authorities.

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