Monday, May 28, 2012

UK - Very little evidence of willingness to pay more for 100 Mbps "superfast" broadband

PC Advisor reports the results of a poll on its web site concerning the willingness to pay for 100 Mbps broadband. Exclusive of the line rental it found:
A whopping 77 percent revealed that they would not pay over £30 a month for such speeds, with only 10 percent claiming they would be prepared to pay over £30 for the superfast broadband.
This is made up of
  • 28 per cent only willing to pay up to £10
  • 28 per cent prepared to pay £10-£20
  • 21 per cent happy to pay £20-£30
  • 10 per cent over £10
  • 3 per cent don't know
  • 11 per cent happy with standard speed and price

1 comment:

  1. Thanks alot for sharing the poll result. Its very interesting. The point is that 100 Mbps is more than super fast. Most of the people are already satisfied with what they have as its well enough to meet their daily requirements. Thanks again.