Friday, May 11, 2012

Perthshire - MSP complains of insufficient bandwidth in some rural areas for BBC iPlayer

IC Perthshire reports (from I think the Blairgowrie Advertiser) a further intervention on broadband by Murdo Fraser MSP.

Fraser again complains about "poor" broadband in eastern and highland Perthshire, claiming an adverse effect on local businesses.

The Scottish Government must understand the growing frustration from local businesses and residents in Perthshire regarding the lack of broadband connectivity, including those who live in the Amulree, Butterstone, Glenshee, Trochry, Loch Tay, Strathbraan and Strathardle areas of Perthshire.

I have spoken with many local residents and businesses and it is clear that the poor service needs to be upgraded. It is disappointing that the Scottish Government will not make Perthshire a priority area for investment as we need to see our local exchanges upgraded to provide faster and more reliable broadband.

As is usual in such complaints there are only very vague indications of the real problems in terms of speeds, quality of service or lack of availability, with a claim that in some areas the BBC iPlayer does not work.

Inevitably, neither the costs of any infrastructural improvements nor the economic benefits if they were made are indicated.

The response of the Salmond Administration was to restate its existing policy.

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