Monday, August 20, 2012

UK - to have fastest broadband in Europe by 2015 says Hunt

The Daily Telegraph as saying:
We simply will not have a competitive broadband network unless we recognise the massive growth in demand for higher and higher speeds.

Although we have loosely defined superfast as greater than 24 Mbps, I have also introduced a programme for ultrafast broadband in our cities that will offer speeds of 80-100 Mbps and more. And we will continue to develop policy to ensure that the highest speeds technology can deliver are available to the largest number of people here in the UK.

Our working assumption must therefore be that the preferred method of going online will be a mobile device – whether linked to high speed wireless in buildings or networks outside them,

But that in order to cope with capacity, we will need to get that mobile signal onto a fibre backbone as soon as possible. So no false choice between mobile or fixed line, between fibre or high speed wireless: all technologies – including satellite - are likely to have a part to play, and our approach must be flexible enough to harness them all.

Get it right and we can be Europe’s technology hub, bringing together the best of Hollywood and Silicon Valley in one country with huge competitive advantage in both content and technology.

This appears to be a revision from "best" to "fastest" in Europe, seemingly inspired by the performance of Team GB:
I am today announcing an ambition to be not just the best overall, but specifically the fastest broadband of any major European country.
Similar story in The Guardian.

See also the text of his speech.

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