Monday, August 20, 2012

UK - Fibre will be a game-changer for economic recovery

The Glasgow Herald carries an article by Openreach boss Liv Garfield.

The fibre network being built in the UK will be able to offer speeds of up to 330 mega bits per second (mbps) for business and 80 Mbps for consumers. The average is currently around 9 Mbps. She expects BT to have fibre broadband available to more than 50% of the Scottish population by the end of 2014 as part of its £2.5 billion commercial roll-out across the UK.

Ms Garfield said:

The Scottish Government has potentially the most ambitious plan of any government in Europe.

It has said, 'let's not sit on our laurels' and has two ambitious procurements going on: Highlands and Islands and one for all of Scotland.

The ambition is to see whether we can get to more than 90% of everyone living in Scotland having access to fibre.

I would say that if you live in Scotland you have got a really good chance of having access to something which will be a game changer for economic recovery, social awareness and even just social behaviour in terms of networking, and it is not that far away.

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