Sunday, April 1, 2012

UK - Concern about the Internet has fallen substantially over 6 years, but some users still take risks

OFCOM has published its Adults Media Use and Attitudes Report. It notes that
UK adults’ concerns about the internet have dropped steadily since 2005, falling from seven in ten (70 per cent) users to half (50 per cent) by 2011
This is against a background of increasing amounts of time spent on the Internet:
The average user now says they are online for over 15 hours each week, an increase of five hours since 2005. The internet is increasingly part of people’s everyday lives wherever they are, and eight in ten adults (79%) now go online on any device in any location – up by 20 percentage points compared to 2005.
It was concerned that some users were still willing to take risks online in disclosing personal information.

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