Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Fibre - Global Gigabit Internet users - more devices, more complex home networks, more services

The FTTH Council has published a report on users of Gigabit Internet:
Early adopters of gigabit fiber optic service are online for three times the daily average of Internet users and tend to have relatively complex home networks supporting five or more devices
Suppliers include: Telia in Sweden, ZON in Portugal, Turkcell Superonline in Turkey, and NTT and KDDI in Japan, then in the USA EPB in Chattanooga TN, Paxio and Sonic.net in California, and Lafayette Utilities in Louisiana.

Heather Burnett Gold, President of the FTTH Council Americas, said:

Essentially, this study confirmed what one might expect, that those who subscribe to gigabit services have multiple applications in play at all times, including social networking, HD downloads, and streaming media via Netflix, Hulu and other sources, all while they participate in several multiplayer online games through multiple consoles
The full report is available to download.

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