Thursday, April 12, 2012

Highlands and Islands - HIE's 3-year operating plan includes support for further broadband deployment

Highlands and Islands Enterprise has launched its 3-year operating plan, which includes investments in broadband roll-out. HIE Chief Executive Alex Paterson said
Our programme of regionally significant investments is designed to deliver benefits across the whole region. Superfast broadband in particular, is a service which will become vital to boost economic growth in the years ahead, and we're determined to ensure access across every part of the Highlands and Islands
The plan states:
We will work to ensure that the rollout of superfast broadband infrastructure delivers the best possible access for fragile communities and help to develop community skills to use broadband for business and social development.
HIE’s Digital Highlands and Islands project aims to create a digital region for which:
We aim to deliver superfast broadband infrastructure across the entire region through co-investment and working in partnership with a commercial company and public partners. Rollout is scheduled to be delivered in phases beginning in 2013.
Public funding is already committed from HIE itself and BDUK.

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