Friday, July 20, 2012

Wales - WAG and BT in agreement to reach 96 per cent of premises

Wales Online reports that the Welsh First Minister, Carwyn Jones, announced a deal with BT to deliver next generation broadband to 96% of homes and businesses in Wales by the end of 2015.
The initiative, which is subject to state aid and major projects approval, will take the total amount invested in Welsh fibre broadband to around £425m.

As a result of winning the contract, BT will create 50 new jobs and 100 new apprenticeships. 320 existing jobs will also be protected. In addition, BT will offer work experience to 900 young people. Up to 2,500 further full time jobs could be created throughout the Welsh economy over time.

Jones said:
As a result of Welsh Government, UK Government, European Structural Funds (ERDF) and private sector investment, a solution has been secured that will leverage the funding available to achieve best value for the Welsh pound. We have leveraged over £6 for every £1 invested by the Welsh Government.
ZDnet reports the funding is:
  • BT £220m
  • WAG £58m
  • BDUK £57m
  • ERDF £90m
The project, which aims to deliver fibre to non-commercially viable areas using government subsidies, is separate to BT's ongoing rollout of fibre services in commercially viable areas, which already included parts of Wales.

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