Monday, July 30, 2012

IT skills - 100,000 people work IT and telecoms industry, with 3,500 vacancies per quarter

Scotland IS reports a study reporting the growing importance of the software sector to Scotland's economy.
The report identifies that the IT & Telecoms industry contributes in excess of £3 billion of Scotland’s total Gross Value Added, and that 100,000 people work in the industry and in IT & T professional roles in other sectors across the Scottish economy where technology is key, such as financial services.

Employer demand has been growing consistently since 2009, with an average of 3,500 advertised vacancies for IT staff per quarter during 2011. The majority of these vacancies are in development, design and support, skill sets which have accounted for an increasing proportion of advertised vacancies over each of the past three years.

See the full text of Technology Insights 2012: Scotland or the UK report (registration required).

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