Friday, June 7, 2013

Fibre - ADL warns the UK risk falling behind neighbours due to the lack of investment in fibre

Information Week UK reports Arthur D Little warning that the UK risks falling seriously behind its European neighbours in terms of serious uptake of fibre broadband technology.

The story comes from a report on National fibre strategies:

This paper identifies five National Fibre strategic models that have been implemented by countries around the globe, and assesses which of these models are most likely to fulfill National Fibre goals to the benefit of all stakeholders, including governments, regulators and policy makers. These models lever a number of key success factors, which can be adopted by industry, government and regulators, and which require more sophisticated public and private coordination and graded policy frameworks.
Figure - Broadband networks in a web of socio-economic value creation

Figure - : Selected national fibre penetration correlated to underpinning model

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