Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Wales - House of Commons committee calls for elimination of not-spots and slow-spots in broadband

The Welsh Affairs Committee of the House of Commons notes that:
the UK and Welsh Governments must work together and use all means available to bring broadband services in Wales up to speed with the rest of the UK, and eradicate broadband "slow spots" and "notspots" as a matter of urgency.
Its report on broadband in Wales sets out its views in detail.

Committee Chairman, David T.C. Davies MP, is quoted as saying:

Access to fast internet connection is essential to businesses and the economy in Wales. Broadband will become an increasingly important generator of economic success and a means of addressing social exclusion. It is hard to believe, but in mid-2012 there are still some areas of Wales where people have no connection at all. It is impossible to see how businesses or the economy can develop in these areas.

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