Monday, June 18, 2012

UK - Regulator is designating BT with SMP in wholesale leased line services above 1Gbit/s

OFCOM on measures to meet growing demand for fast data services from UK businesses, mobile operators, internet providers and consumers.

A review of the leased lines market led to proposals for changes:

The review proposes to maintain and extend some existing regulation on BT, the major provider of wholesale services in this market. But Ofcom also proposes lighter regulation in the London area, where BT faces greater competition from other providers.

Outside of London, Ofcom is proposing to regulate very high-bandwidth, wholesale leased line services above 1Gbit/s. BT is proposed to have ‘significant market power’ in this relatively new market, in all parts of the UK except London and Hull.

See the Business Connectivity Market Review and consultation.

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